Our origins

Created in 2010, BCP Executive Search is one of the leading consulting and recruitment firms on legal and compliance functions, and a specialist of« Strategic Protection » positions.

Our goal is to advise you in order to strengthen you human capital with the talents able to lead and support you future developments.

Often perceived as cost centres, legal and compliance functions are becoming more strategic for companies and morphing into key business partners given the growing complextity of national and international regulations and standards and the legal and extra-financial risks.

Our operational background and industry experience in law firms, listed international groups and investment funds is a real differentiating factor. It gives us the knowledge and insight to help companies define their needs, calibrate the candidate profile and identify the most appropriate talent.

Our motto Anticipate & « Think out of the box » is particularly suited to those fast-evolving functions.

Our Strengths

  • Our vision >

    Known for our sense of observation and anticipation, we adapt to each client’s environment and customise our process depending on the type of company we work for – whether it is services, industry or new economy, whatever being French, European, Anglo-Saxon or Asian.

  • Our approach >

    « Think out of the box » that values original initiatives and visions enables us to analyse your needs and convert them into creative solutions tailored to your request and research.

  • Our interactive listening >

    Coming from the business world and law firms, we have a deep understanding of your issues and concerns, your organisational dynamic, your expectations and needs. It enables us to create optimal and adapted solution for each of our clients.

  • Our methodology >

    Rigorous, innovative and tailor-made, our methodology takes the best from classic search but with more benchmarking and a strong belief in a continuous dialogue with the client for more transparency and efficiency.

  • Our follow-up >

    A successful recruitment is also a successful integration. We continue the dialogue with you and our candidate during their first year in their office.