Executive Recruitment

Experts in « strategic protection » functions

Ranked as a « leading »* firm, BCP Executive Search is primarily known for its ability to size positions in « strategic protection » functions and to source talents tailored to the needs and culture of its clients.

What do we mean by « strategic protection » of the firm ?

It is a term that encompasses all the functions whose main tasks are to :

  • strengthen governance
  • pre-empt legal and extra-financial risks
  • ensure no action or lack of action jeopardizes the company’s image over the long term

Given the increase in international trade, the complexity of regulations and advanced technologies, these functions - long perceived as cost centrers - are now becoming real business partners.
Well-integrated and involved in the business, they create value and actively contribute to the development and deployment of the company's strategy.

A scope of recruitment focused on “strategic protection” functions

  • General secretaries
  • Directors of Human Resources, of social relations, experts in social legislation
  • General counsels and tax directors, experienced lawyers
  • Administrators
  • Experts in IP/ IT, Digital, Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and Cybercrime, Antitrust
  • Risk managers, internal Audit, Insurance
  • Ethics and Compliance officers, Investigators
  • Associate lawyers and collaborators
  • Heads of communication, financial communication et investors relations

Our experience, networks and know-how enable us to identify and recommend the best candidates after a rigorous selection process. We help the company decide which candidate is the best fit by providing a comprehensive assessment of his professional and social skills. After the firm has chosen, we accompany the candidates and our client at each step : from identification to recruitment, and during the integration period.

* Ranking by « Décideurs 2016 » of the best recruitment firms on Legal & Tax functions, praised for the 5th consecutive year