Ethical Charter


The aim of this ethical charter is to clarify the ethical rules that apply within the firm BCP Executive Search on the one hand, and in its relations with its clients and candidates on the other hand. Each member of the team adheres to our charter and is committed to respect it.

BCP Executive Search adheres to the Code of ethics of Syntec which determines its obligations not only towards the clients, but also the candidates

  • The firm has developed around strong values advocated by partners and collaborators: rigor, curiosity and open-mindedness, independent advice and discretion by combining them with virtues such as integrity, loyalty, benevolence and friendliness.
  • The firm ensures the adherence to these commitments within its team, by recruiting individuals who apply its values and spirit and by having them sign the charter, so that each employee commits him/herself to respect these principles throughout the mandates entrusted to BCP Executive Search.


BCP Executive Search is committed to establishing a close relationship with our clients and the candidates, and to accompany them throughout the recruitment process.

We are committed to communicating with the same level of quality, in terms of trust, transparency and confidentiality, with the candidates as well as with our clients and all the other stakeholders of our firm.


  • Excellence process :
    We strive to respect an approach of excellence in order to fully and sustainably satisfy clients. We attempt to constantly improve our services, from the understanding and analysis phase to the regular monitoring of the integration of the recruited candidate.

  • Independence :
    We act with utmost independence, which allows us to minimize conflicts of interest and work in the best conditions of objectivity.

  • Transparency :
    We undertake to keep our client informed from the first contact and in full transparency of the evolution of mission.



  • Respect and consideration :
    We are committed to respect the privacy of candidates, to fight against discrimination and to promote equal opportunities in recruitment. With this in mind, we develop our scope of search for candidates in a solid international network.

  • Data protection :
    The cabinet collects only the data necessary for the exercise of its mission, whether personal (surname, first name, email address, phone etc.) or professional (diplomas, experience, spoken languages, etc.).

  • Accompanying :
    We undertake to evaluate the candidates and make assessments only in relation to a job to be filled/vacancy, and to inform the candidates of the nature of the evaluation techniques used.

  • Transparency :
    We undertake to keep our contacts informed of the evolution of the mandate.

  • Feedback :
    We undertake to debrief the candidates who request it on their application.



  • Listening :
    Particularly attentive listening of the client and the candidates.

  • Absolute Confidentiality :
    A commitment to keep the confidential information provided or that we would acquire within the context of our mandates.

  • Respect for computer data :
    In accordance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation, all computer data are treated in a strictly confidential manner. You have a right of access, rectification and opposition to your data. To do this, simply make a request online or by mail.

  • Availability and reactivity :
    A responsive, personalized and efficient service to support and advise our clients with flexibility.

  • Corporate citizen :
    The office pays particular attention to the environmental, societal and economic issues that have become paramount in our society.
    It has thus embarked on an approach of Social and Environmental Responsibility, guaranteeing progress and durability for its candidates, clients and employees and has signed the Global compact and the Diversity Charter.